Spring Cleaning | How I Clean My Beauty Blender

There is one thing I notice when I talk to my clients and most makeup wearers: it’s that washing your brushes and especially Beauty Blenders, is not common knowledge.  It is so important to clean them as they retain excess makeup and oils which lead to bacteria growth.  Here’s my favorite way to make sure your sponges are squeaky clean:

There are plenty of ways to wash your makeup tools; I like to use a moisturizing soap in a bar.  My favorite one is Le Petit Marseillais Lait Soap that remove makeup and oils without stripping your brushes and sponge.

First, I wet the bar and sponge.


I swirl the brush or sponged directly on the bar soap.


Then I massage the soap into the sponge, pushing out the makeup buildup.


Wet the sponge a little to work up a lather. Squeeze instead of rubbing your BB to preserve its life.


Rinse and repeat until the water runs clear.



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